the Eels – shootenanny 2003

were do i start with this album ? originally released in 2003 and is still up in my top 10 albums of all time . it’s a rocking album from the very start with open track ” all in a day’s work”  it has this blusey rift to it and just sets the album off .

some people say E is odd and fucked up but you gotta put it in perspective the dude is is he fucked up or just a total genius at times the can be deep and dark and some of his albums feature about the death of his mother to the dreaded cancer that has touched so many families but i guess its his way of dealing with things and learning to move forward .

shootenanny is a fun album and this is what makes the Eels when listening to “dirty girl” you relize that they do come up with great quirky tunes . if you dont own this album i strongly recommend you get your hands on it and see for yourself