yeasayer – all hour cymbols 2007


If most recent indie music is suggestive of a stylistic revisionism from the very recent past, Brooklyn outfit Yeasayer stretches far and wide to vast musical vistas–combining various pre-modern and pan-ethnic traditions into their own volatile … brand of psychedelia. ALL HOUR CYMBALS, the band’s debut release, hints at the spiritual possibilities of ritual music. Gospel-inflected chorales, chants, and whirling drones meld into powerful multi-part harmonies. But rather than succumb to cheap ethnocentric tropes, Yeasayer imparts a highly personalized aesthetic and symbology to their sonic omniverse.

A sense of existential dread and apprehension toward the hereafter characterizes vocalist Chris Keating’s lyrics. On the Celtic-folk dub number “2080,” Keating confesses, “I can’t sleep when I think about the future I was born into.” While interlocking polyrhythms and modal guitar create a dreamy tapestry of hazy psych-folk atmosphere, the chorus billows into a furious communal chant. But the album’s luminous spiritualism is best represented on the opening track, “Sunrise.” Tumbling tribal percussion and ominous organ drones create an unsettling atmosphere that eventually gives way to a transcendent, gospel-inflected vocal part. Reveling in music’s transformative, cathartic power, Yeasayer have crafted a bold, astonishingly original take on anthemic rock.

i stumbled across this band while i bought the mojo magazine this month . now i have seen them being hawked around but never really gave them a listen till it was on this free compilation and the track just blew me away . its called sunrise . even my girlfriend likes it and thats saying something

YeasayerSunrise (Black Dominoes Remix)