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ok readers new venture here new band in the making and getting there watch out for some recordings coming your way soon with a twist stayed tuned for more . and any idea’s of a band name feel free to say .

ramblings about nothing

well the last post went down like a pair of concrete boots , but ill leave it up for a while incase any of you guys want it . couldnt sleep last night so started digging thru my record collection , and came up with a few gems like golden smog best of album so when i get round to it i will upload and post .

oh and i will get back to my black keys discography soon .

festival time

ok guys its my festival time here in the UK and i am now starting to slip into that festival mode . really looking forward to catching a few great bands around and also while be avoiding alot of shite ones around . in August i will be catching the fall live at the summer sundea festival and also danny and the champions of the world , must say danny i caught a few years back live and just was a awesome set . also heading to the end of the road festival in september probably the best festival around in the uk for bands and setting . there i will be catching wilco , felice brothers and iron and wine cant wait for that one .

anyway hope you guys are enjoying what am posting and i will try and upload some more stuff



the black keys – ohio

hey guys

thanks for the sudden flurry of comments on my mixtapes glad they are going down well . and i will be working on another called heartbroken as it was requested by a reader of the blog . so keep your eyes open for it and watch this space

catpower live on KCRW 12/09/2006

everyone should own a little catpower in there record collection . here is a live recording and bootleg from 2006 .

01. Intro
02. The Greatest
03. Wild Is the wind
04. Remember Me
05. ramblin’ man
06. good woman
07. interview
08. love & communication
09. house of the rising sun
10. hate
11. I don’t blame you
12. Islands

a summer mixtape

play at any time, so long as the sun is shining and the day is beautiful. when you’re in the car with the windows down, or you’re cleaning the house with music blasting because summer is coming, or when you’re jumping on a trampoline. this is for happiness, this is for smiling, this is for looking up at the sky, this is for summer.

1. the new pornographers – my rights versus yours
2. andrew bird – darkmatter
3. joanna newsom – good intentions paving company
4. the decemberists – sons and daughters
5. the mountain goats – palmcorder yajna
6. the thrills – restaurant
7. elf power – jane
8. the concretes – you can’t hurry love
9. the 1900s – two ways
10. the new pornographers – the bleeding heart show
11. andrew bird – tables and chairs
12. lovers – from a highway
13. the beatles – hey jude

plan B – defamation of strickland banks 2010

The defamation of strickland banks’ from plan b is the sound of motown, stax and obscure northern soul, filtered through the grit of contemporary east london. It is smokey robinson miraculously fused with eminem. It’s an urban fairytale, the story of a man who finds success hard to handle and then hits rock bottom. A sweet soul morsel with a razor-sharp edge. Plan b’s second single ‘she said’ currently b list on the uk’s radio 1 & radio 2 playlist. ‘the defamation of strickland banks’ are songs that tell the story of strickland banks, a sharp-suited british soul singer who finds fame with bitter-sweet love songs like ‘love goes down’ and ‘writing’s on the wall’ but loses everything when he ends up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s as if marvin gaye went from his early motown love songs to ‘what’s goin’ on’ in just one album, then had it all remixed by london grime artists. Produced by paul epworth, the studio genius behind recent hits by florence & the machine, the big pink and friendly fires, plan b’s latest is a ferocious collision of retro soul, funk, rock and rap that sounds smokey robinson fronting rage against the machine.

patterson hood – pollyanne

you just gotta love the hood when he performs


this is pretty scary stuff can anyone bring some light onto this

todd snider – train song

video of the day , and i was there to witness this (awsome)

end of the road festival 2009

just got our tickets through to possibly the best festival in the uk and what a line up this is . after last years line up i thought they could not beat it , but it looks like they have . check out the line up

Explosions In The Sky Fleet Foxes The Hold Steady Okkervil River Steve Earle
Alela Diane Herman Dune Neko Case
Archie Bronson Outfit The Broken Family Band Dirty Projectors Efterklang The Horrors Magnolia Electric Co. Richmond Fontaine Shearwater Vetiver The Acorn Alasdair Roberts AU Bear Driver Blitzen Trapper Bob Lind Bob Log III The Boy Least Likely To Brakes Charlie Parr Chief Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards Dan Sartain Darren Hayman David Thomas Broughton Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele The Dodos The Duke and The King Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo Esben & The Witch First Aid Kit The Hand The Heavy Holly Throsby Howlin’ Rain Iain Archer J Tillman Jess Elva Joe Gideon & The Shark Laura Gibson Lay Low The Leisure Society Loney, Dear The Lost Brothers The Low Anthem Magic Arm Malcolm Middleton Motel Motel Mumford & Sons The Mummers Ohbijou The Pack A.D. Peter Broderick Quack Quack Sam Baker She Keeps Bees Soy Un Caballo Sparrow & The Workshop Spokes Stardeath and White Dwarfs Stars of Sunday League The Tallest Man On Earth The Tenebrous Liar The Week That Was This Frontier Needs Heroes Tiny Vipers The Travelling Band Treecreeper Twi the Humble Feather Whispertown 2000 Wildbirds & Peacedrums William Elliot Whitmore Wye Oak Zun Zun Egui 


peter bruntnell – normal for bridgewater

peter bruntnell


sorry about the album cover quality . last year i came across this fantastic gem of an album by peter bruntnell and over the past couple of days i just cant seem to stop playing it

This is the third release by British singer-songwriter Peter Bruntnell. The album’s title makes reference to the English town of Bridgwater, in Somerset, also known as the cider-drinking capitol of the country. A local doctor reportedly would …    Full Descriptionlist his patients as “normal for Bridgwater” in their medical histories. The core quartet is a rough-and-tumble outfit that perfectly fits Bruntnell’s songs. They’re joined by a range of guests, adding dobro, pedal steel, fiddle and a few other flourishes.

The music is brethren to the alt-country music scene, sharing a reverence for such key forebears as Gram Parsons. The songs are beautifully crafted, with the gorgeous and evocative “N.F.B.” being the title song of sorts. Bruntnell’s voice is gentle, yet can be forceful when needed. Background vocals add lushness when appropriate, and producer George Howard succeeded in creating a warm atmosphere throughout.

patterson hood – murdering oscar 2009

patterson hood

not due for release till june 23rd 2009 .

pattersonn hood releases another solo album while taking some time out from the drive by truckers . i didnt know this was on the cards , and it was a suprise to me when i got emailed this . not had time yet to listen to this release so am not gonna say to much about it . his last solo release was really lo-fi and really just stripped right down to basics just him and a simple acoustic .

uncle tupelo – still feel gone 1992

uncle tupelotoday i went theu my vast record collection and came across this timeless classic i really should play this more often than i do . this is uncle tupelo at there best . and also with guest gutarist gary louris on this album . i really cant say to muxh about this it is awsome and rocks .

maybe in the future uncle tupelo will reform lets hope wilco and son volt take a break so they can come up with somthing

a new venture

hi readers and friends

my girlfriend has been making hand crafted products now for several years . and its now about time she ventured out into the big wide world of the internet with her products . her products are exclusively hand made and they are all a one off item she will be launching her webpage very soon and it will be kicked off with hand crafted cards for all celebration . i really hope she does well in this new venture cause we think are cards and other items are top quality . so when its launched drop by and have a look and buy some stuff you will not be let down .

the felice brothers – live @ the lumonarie london england 2007

the felice brothers

for those of you that aint managed to catch these guys live yet here is a great live set from the brothers . honset you really need to go and see them there live shows are bursting with energy and passion for there music . this band is gonna be big .

deer tick – born on flag day 2009

deer tick

new album from deer tick and with a new line up also i have been waiting for this since the release of war elephant and its so much better than there first release . i do recomend this album its awsome , if you like your alternative country lose and raw this this band could be for you .

check out track – smith hill and also hell on earth . both great songs

eels – prizefighter

first track of the eels new album and its a killer tune to open with . the eels are back thank god !!!!!

jason lytle – yours truly , the computer 2009



totally loving this album at the moment glad to see him back .

The debut solo album by former Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle dials back a bit on the spacy psychedelic side of his late, lamented band. A move to rural Montana seems to have triggered a more placid, acoustic, and weathered sound in Lytle’s quirky, elegant songwriting. Highlights include the title track, “Rollin’ Home Alone,” and “Ghost of My Old Dog.”

soledad brothers – live @ maida vale studio’s 2002



not a great image guys but all i could come up with . and sorry it took me so long to upload this . anyway another great live set from soledad brothers , great tunes for rocking out with along with a load of beers .

Part. 1 –

Part. 2 –

the soledad brothers – live @ the gold dollar


this is an awsome live recording of the soledad brothers with some blistering harmonica playing . infact you would think this was maick jagger and keith richards way back . its blusey and needs to be played loud . also when your playing this album make sure you have a fewbeers in hand and rock on .

there will be another soldad brother album coming as soon as i upload it .

sons of anarchy


i have recently got right in to this show its a breath of fresh air on the box . but can some one please help me . does anyone know if there is a soundtrack availible for this ? or even better if you have a link to the soundtrack please pass it on .


wilco – wilco (2009)


well it has arrived and i have waited with bated breath for this . am not gonna say what it is like i will leave that for you to make your own mind up .

mark kozelek – lost verses (live) 2009


Lost Verses Live was recorded live during Kozelek’s 2007 and 2008 acoustic tours with Red House Painters guitarist Phil Carney. The fourteen songs on the album primarily represent Kozelek’s work with Sun Kill Moon, but also include selections from the Red House Painters as well as some selections from his solo catalog. The nuances Kozelek’s highly personal songs are highlighted by the intimate venues chosen for recording, such as The Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn, The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and the Aladdin Theatre in Portland.

magnolia electric co – it made me cry 2009 (7″)

Magnolia Electric Co – It’s Made Me Cry 7″ (2009)

“It’s been six years since Jason Molina has bestowed a 7-inch on us and it was well worth the wait. The first three songs of It’s Made Me Cry, the first 7-inch under the Magnolia Electric Co moniker, are comprised of compositions conceived, written, recorded and mixed by Jason and company over a series of five days in Bloomington, Indiana as they geared up for tour in October ’08. The fourth track was recorded at the same studio about a year prior featuring the late great Evan Farrell, a Protection Spell for his new journey.

The voices and moods are diverse and an exciting glimpse of things to come from Magnolia Electric Co.”

son volt – methamphetamine (chords)

Son Volt – Methamphetamine

Capo II

i took the nightshift another nickel on the dime

try and play it straight make it different this time

still waiting to meet the next ex-wife

its either watching these cages for montsano
or a bar-back job for the casino
the army wont want me after what this bodys been through

wont you take me back north carolina

wont you take me back arkansas

blistful days were there to remember

methamphetamine was the final straw

i had a cool job in a back-up band
playing guitar in branson
two shows a night brought money to chase down sin

now its another weekend lonely at home
late-night t.v. evangelists drone
im healthy now i really dont know if ill ever be free

chrous (2x)

elbow with the bbc orchestra – seldom seen kid



since the release of the seldom seen kid this has catapulted elbow to the top of there game ! this album has made elbow more accesible to the masses hence its great success . but somehow i feel this could be there death blow . but i would like to be wrong . guy garvey is a very talented songwriter but i strongly feel that they will slide into obscurity for a couple of years .

on this release with the bbc orchestra elbow capture something that is evident on all there albums . that they belong with a orchestra . but in my opinion you should dig out there early material thats the true elbow ….

todd snider – live sacramento ca feb 15th 2009

todd-2-15-09_fronti uploaded this live album for my friend who is a lover of todd snider on this album there is some funky story telling . i mean if you can open your show with this one liner you know that your on a hit show . ” i found a four leaf clover in my garden the other day it had a leaf missing does that still count ”

so brian download it and enjoy it dude

the be good tanyas

begoodtanyas_07_051there is a lot of good creative music out there , there is a lot of talented artist out there. but there are very few bands that capture a beautiful sound than the be good tanyas with a voice that will send shivers down your spine and the hairs on your neck stand . everyone should have at least one of there albums in there collection



The Be Good Tanyas are a Canadian traditional music group, whose influences include folk, country, and bluegrass. The style of music they perform can also be referred to as alt-country or Americana. Formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Be Good Tanyas first played together at tree planting camps in British Columbia. They eventually played their first concerts in Vancouver in the late 1990s. In 2000 they embarked on a North American tour that ran from Vancouver to New Orleans, before returning to British Columbia to record their first album Blue Horse with producer Garth Futcher. The record, which combines old-time music standards such as “Oh! Susanna”, “The Cuckoo” and “The Lakes of Pontchartrain” with self-penned songs like “The Littlest Birds”, was well received in the folk-roots movement and highly praised for the quality of the harmony vocals and the mixture of the new and the traditional in the instrumentation. Helped by the popularity of Americana at the time of its release, it achieved a modest amount of crossover success in college radio[citation needed] and was featured in a television commercial for Zellers department stores.
The second album, Chinatown, followed in 2003. Their third album, Hello Love, was released on October 10, 2006.
The Tanyas gained some U.S. exposure when the Showtime series The L Word selected one of their songs, “In Spite of All the Damage”, for inclusion in the series’ soundtrack. A live version of “In My Time of Dying” was also included in the third episode of the third season, in which Frazey Ford featured as a nun and played the song in the opening sequence. The band’s music has also been included in the Showtime series Weeds and the CTV series Eleventh Hour in a similar role, and in the feature film Because of Winn-Dixie. Their cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “Waiting Around To Die” was also used in an episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad.
After the release of the first two Be Good Tanyas albums, Trish Klein collaborated with Alison Russell under the band name Po’ Girl, a project that as of April 2007 has resulted in three albums: Po’girl, Vagabond Lullabies and Home to You.
2007 saw all members of the band pursuing their own projects.
As of 2008, the band is on hiatus – to unwind from the stresses of touring, and to allow the members to refocus their lives.



it’s not happening is a single release .









the Eels – shootenanny 2003

were do i start with this album ? originally released in 2003 and is still up in my top 10 albums of all time . it’s a rocking album from the very start with open track ” all in a day’s work”  it has this blusey rift to it and just sets the album off .

some people say E is odd and fucked up but you gotta put it in perspective the dude is is he fucked up or just a total genius at times the can be deep and dark and some of his albums feature about the death of his mother to the dreaded cancer that has touched so many families but i guess its his way of dealing with things and learning to move forward .

shootenanny is a fun album and this is what makes the Eels when listening to “dirty girl” you relize that they do come up with great quirky tunes . if you dont own this album i strongly recommend you get your hands on it and see for yourself

son volt – American central dust 2009


Son Volt returns with ‘American Central Dust,’ out July 7 on Rounder Records, a plaintive 12-song collection that recalls the melodic succinctness of the band’s debut album ‘Trace.’ After the musical experimentation of 2007’s ‘The Search, ’ ‘American Central Dust,’ the band’s first album on Rounder, refines the band’s robust sound. Fiddle, pedal steel, lap steel and sparkling piano add an atmospheric nuance to Son Volt’s Americana inspired rock, surrounding band leader Jay Farrar’s stream of consciousness lyrical imagery.
Album highlights include; the rootsy shuffle of album opener “Dynamite,” on which Farrar declares “this love is like celebrating the 4th of July with dynamite,” the tremolo soaked rocker “Down To The Wire,’ the gorgeous, piano led “Cocaine And Ashes,” an empathetic tribute to Keith Richards, references a man who’s “the same as everyone, just kind of lucky,” and ‘Sweetheart of the Rodeo’-esque rocker “No Turning Back.”
When asked about signing to the new label, Farrar said “Rounder has shown a long term commitment to music forms, like folk and blues, that I have a lot of respect for. Going with Rounder has been a kind of a full circle continuum — the first Rounder person I met with was instrumental in booking Uncle Tupelo gigs years ago”
‘American Central Dust’ features Jay Farrar (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Dave Bryson (drums), Andrew Duplantis (bass guitar, backing vocals), Chris Masterson (lead guitar), Mark Spencer (keyboards, steel guitar). Son Volt’s national tour begins in July.


dan auerbach – live @ the annadale hotel sydney Austrailia april 7th 2009


dan auerbach is the the lead singer from the black keys and has recently released a solo album called keep it hid . here dan performs live in sydney and is awsome live performance its powerful and he certainly has a stage prescence to captivate the audience . with killer tracks like ” trouble weighs a ton ” mean monsoon and heartbroken in disrepair .

wilco – ashes of american flags 2009


Ashes of American Flags follows Wilco from Tulsa, Oklahoma (Cain’s Ballroom) to Washington D.C. (9:30 Club) during its 2008 U.S. tour of ballrooms, clubs and concert halls, capturing the six-piece band, and three-man horn section, at such
hallowed venues as Tipitina’s in New Orleans and the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. This feature-length DVD is a concert film of extraordinary intimacy, with the HD cameras focused primarily on the stage and often inches away from singer songwriter Jeff Tweedy’s microphone or drummer Glenn Kotche’s cymbals. Ashes of American Flags also functions as an evocative travelogue, a document of the band’s physical and emotional journey. Co-directors Brendan Canty, the former Fugazi
drummer, and Christoph Green track Wilco’s tour bus across the country, taking in both the wide-angle beauty and William Eggleston-like desolation of the highways and cities they pass through. At each stop, the filmmakers record candid moments
at sound check, back stage and on the bus, where band members offer insights into their lives on the road and their remarkably intuitive communication as a group. |

wilco news of new album



wilco fans world wide are already talking of the release of the bands new album . and it will be hot on the release after ashes of an american flag tour dvd . the album is yet untitled and has just finished the mastered stage . here is the track listing so far and is set for release in late june 2009 on nonesuch records .
Wilco The Song
Deeper Down
One Wing
Bull Black Nova
You And I
You Never Know
Country Disappeared
I’ll Fight
Sunny Feeling
Dark Neon

also if you wanna check out wilco live they are performing at the gren man festival in wales uk august 23 2009 and also at london troxy august 25th 2009 .

rough trade country 1



i found this amazing album in the record shop the other day tucked away and getting no attention at all , in my eyes its a travesty . after all there some bands on here that have had major influences on today’s country scene and in my on scene to .

with bands appearing on here like calexico . the broken family band  , the meat puppets and songs ohia you just simply cant go wrong . this is a great introduction to alternative country . so goon buy it and enjoy it .

the black keys – chulahoma



this is the black keys finest album . chulahoma is an album that i at least play twice a week . its loud its raw and its how rock ‘n’ roll is meant to be fun . i do recommend you get hold of this album and enjoy it .

willy vlautin


this image is of willy vlautin from my first post of richmond fontaine and here is two tracks from the novel he wrote called northline 

mp3 –Willy Vlautin & Paul Brainard – Confession To T.J. Watson

mp3 –Willy Vlautin & Paul Brainard – Northline Main Theme

the novel comes with a soundtrack and it is amazing story of of working class america . if your a fan of richmond fontaine and have read the book , there is refrences to every album througout the book .

so i recommend that you guys get hold of a copy and sit down and read and enjoy .


richmond fontaine


The band was formed in 1994. Richmond Fontaine first started out touring the pacific northwest live circuit on the back of their first three albums released on cavity search records They have worked with a variety of musicians and a few labels over their career.

Their first exposures abroad were a song on a Loose Records compilation  in the UK and the band’s self-released fourth album, Winnemucca, which garnered attention outside of the U.S. The band signed with Decor Records in europe during 2003. Their next two releases proved pivotal and received “Albums of the Month” in uncut which named both their fifth studio albumPost to Wire (2004) and sixth The Fitzgerald (2005) “masterpieces”. U.S. critics have been generally complimentary but have also cited the band’s musical similarity to uncle tupelo Like many bands in their genre past and present such as willard grant conspiracy , the gun club and green on red Richmond Fontaine are more popular abroad than in their own country.

Richmond Fontaine songs consistently evoke lyrical imagery of reno, nevada Portland, the western untied states and mexico while telling stories in a style that critics have compared to raymond carver Musically the group has cited influences such as gram pearsons Green on Red and dave alvin

Lead Singer and songwriter Willy Vlautin is also a published writer. His first novel, The Motel Life was published in 2006, which was followed up by a second novel, Northline, in 2008. Northline included a soundtrack CD by Williy Vlautin and Paul Brainard. The novel was well-reviewed byGeorge Pelecanos. Vlautin has also had stories published in literary journals such as ZemblaCold DrillSoutheast Review, and Chiron Review.

The band’s most recent album, Thirteen Cities, is receiving positive reviews across Europe.


  • Safety (1996)
  • Miles From (1997)
  • Lost Son (1999)
  • Winnemucca (2002)
  • Post to Wire (2004)
  • The Fitzgerald (2005)
  • Obliteration by Time (2006)
  • Thirteen Cities (2007)

if i get any funky comments i may upload a album or two