red jacket mine & friends


come and get your love was kindly donated by lincoln barr of the highly recommended RED JACKET MINE and his fellow friends . this compilation is awesome with bands appearing kindly like down pilot who’s last two albums just blew me away . and the clever visqueen who certainly can blast out a quality song . i cant really say enough about this other than try it you will love it .


1. Hand Me Down – Visqueen

Led by the fabulous Ms. Rachel Flotard (whose lovely pipes you might’ve heard backing Ms. Neko Case), Seattle rockers Visqueen have released one of 2009’s finest records in Message to Garcia. This track opens the album, and Ms. Case returns the favor on backing vocals. Thunderous, thrilling pop music.

2. Racing Stripe Winter – Red Heart the Ticker

When I first heard this song on KEXP in the fall of 2006, I thought to myself, “I need to know these people.” Three years later, it’s still one of my favorites. Ty Gibbons and Robin MacArthur  are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet, and absolutely enchanting in a live setting. They’ve since released another fine album, 2009’s Oh My! Mountains Below.

3. Turnaround This Car – The Devil Whale

The mayors of Salt Lake City, Utah, and some of our best friends in music. Brinton Jones has the kind of voice that you can’t help feeling is singing directly to you, and I can’t think of a higher compliment. We love these guys, and you should, too.

4. Too Early – Cobirds Unite

Rusty Willougby (née Llama, Flop, Pure Joy) is one of my favorite songwriters in a city full of great ones, and his talents commingle with those of the aforementioned Ms. Flotard (Visqueen) and Mr. Barrett Martin (of Screaming Trees/Tuatara renown) to form Cobirds Unite. Rumor has it that an entire album’s worth of these supple, lovely recordings exists…in the meantime, check out to indulge.

5. Chelsea Turnaround – Downpilot

Paul Hiraga and the rest of Downpilot have been dear friends for ages, and we recently shared a record release party (for our new one, Lovers Lookout, and theirs, They Kind of Shine). Out now on Germany’s Tapete Records.

6. Let You Down – Burning Rivers

My friends Ben London and Joshua Medaris lead Burning Rivers, a band in which I’m honored to fill the ‘Steve Gaines’ (read: third guitar) role as time permits. They’ve been in other, better-known, bands, of course, but all you really need to know is that Burning Rivers is American rock and roll of the highest order. This track is from their forthcoming debut LP, The Hardest Part of Letting Go.

7. This World (Already Over) – Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers

Nathan Wade is a man of extraordinary cojones, bucking against indie-rock fashion to pursue a singular vision he bleakly describes as ‘post-apocalypse Americana.’ This track, while brilliant, is hardly indicative of the freewheeling breadth of the Dark Pioneers’ forthcoming debut full-length, The Gospel of Rust. It does, however, feature Patrick Porter (of RJM) on pedal steel, and yours truly on Morricone lead guitar. You’ll have to discover the rest for yourself.

8. Milo – Amateur Radio Operator

Some of RJM’s earliest Seattle shows were shared with Mark Johnson and his band, Amateur Radio Operator. This song (from their debut album, Sirens of Titan) has always been one of my favorites of theirs. Epic, atmospheric Americana.

9. Silver Spoon – Ben Brackett

Wunderkind Ben Brackett released an absolutely stellar debut record in 2007’s Hear Ye Hear Ye, and I hear he’s working on a new one, sure to humble songwriters twice his age (again). Rest assured I’ll be listening.

10. Out of Town – Explone

Full disclosure: Explone is led by my good friend Patrick Porter, who also plays guitar and pedal steel in RJM. Fans of the brilliant melodicism present in his RJM contributions will find much to love here. This lovely road song is featured on his debut album, Crooks.

11. Thirty Reasons – Octoberman

Octoberman is a cross-Canadian indie/folk troupe led by my longtime pal Marc Morrisette: road warrior, gentleman, and scholar. This lovely ditty is from their most recent album, Fortresses, out now on White Whale Records.

12 . showponies – red jacket mine

lincoln and the boys of red jacket mine sure know how to write a song showponies is an awesome piece of writing . lovers look out while be looked at in years to come as a classic