devendra banhart – nino rojo

nino rojo

With NINO ROJO, San Francisco Bay Area neo-folkster Devendra Banhart brings forth a companion to his acclaimed REJOICING IN THE HANDS, released earlier in 2004. Sitting barefoot by the metaphorical campfire next to Beck, Tiny Tim, Karen Dalton, …    Full Descriptionand Vincent Gallo, Banhart plays acoustic guitar and sings in a manner that’s quirky, catchy, and a bit spooky. Here the tunes range from loopy ditties (“We All Know”), warbled mantras (“Ay Mama”), and half-crooned/half-whispered sing-alongs (“A Ribbon”) to works that include a little help from his likeminded friends, including Vetiver’s Andy Cabic (“At the Hop”).

“Little Yellow Spider” comes off like a perverse Raffi record, as interpreted by Mississippi Fred McDowell. Later, Banhart channels the vocals of both Blind Willie McTell and Marc Bolan for “Noah,” which includes whistling and a mournful piano. The enhanced CD presents a great, “psychedelicized” video of Devendra and friends jamming on “At the Hop,” which will surely cause pleasant flashbacks for anyone who’s ever spent a weekend in a woodsy cabin full of hippies.

ok so a little different from what i have been posting but today has been a little weird for me so i got pretty drugged up and thought i would put this on my ipod . and it all made sense in the end to me . dont ask me to explain this album or even figure it out but it works when your tripping in the sun . do try it you may like it and i dont mean the drugs thing thats just my choice .