bonnie prince billy – sings greatest palace music




Those who like the earlier versions of these songs may take issue with the cleaned-up updates and how the steady vocals of Bonnie “Prince” Billy-era Oldham supplant his Palace-era yelp. But there is something undeniably intriguing about hearing … “Ohio River Boat Song” with a female backing chorus and weeping, countrified electric guitar, or rich strings and saxophone supplementing “Viva Ultra.” The songs themselves, of course, are strong as ever, and many Palace music devotees will enjoy hearing them recast. The top-notch production and country arrangements should win some new converts to Oldham’s back catalogue as well.

my girlfriend says to me everytime i put this album on “what the fuck is wrong with you ” cause everytime i put it on i drift into my own little fucked up world were nothing can touch me or even get close to me . this album is always guarenteed to take me to this next level i just sit chill out eyes closed and batter into the wine . go on try it you will love it