dirty projectors – rise above

Dave Longstreth could have gone off the rails when re-imagining Black Flag favorites as lo-fi indie-soul oddities. But RISE ABOVE righteously subverts the hardcore legends’ original machismo, actually illuminating their songs’ intelligence and interpretative potential, while equally illustrating Longstreth’s beautifully bent creativity. “Six Pack,” in particular, is quite the trip, having morphed from alcohol-crazed testosterone into loose-limbed Talking Heads dysfunction (with female vocal harmonies to boot). As is the case with any covers/tribute album, the greatest superlative it can garner is that it feels essentially independent of its source material. By that criterion, RISE ABOVE has ascended to rarified skies.


dreamstate mix tape vol 1 & 2

november mixtape is something to put you into a dreamstate in these fucking cold days .

volume 1

1. Melodies & Desires – Lykke Li
2. The Waves at Night – Phosphorescent
3. Hellhole Ratrace – Girls
4. Heavy Water; I’d Rather Be Sleeping – Grouper
5. I Sing I Swim – Seabear
6. Mbira in the Morass – Volcano Choir
7. Song for Jo – Scarlett Johansson
8. Dmi We Meet Again – Jon Brion
9. Windmill Wedding – Air France
10. Ah! Melody – Serge Gainsbourg
11. Swimming Field – Memory Tapes
12. What a Lullaby, What a Way to Die – Right Away, Great Captain!
13. Intermezzo – jj
14. Festival – Sigur Ros
15. Hideaway – Karen O & the Kids



volume 2

1. Body in the Water – Memory Cassette
2. The Lucky One – Au Revoir Simone
3. Moving Pictures Silent Films – Great Lake Swimmers
4. Dream – Priscila Ahn
5. Flume – Bon Iver
6. Heart of Chambers – Beach House
7. Just Like Honey – Jesus and the Mary Chain
8. Lua – Bright Eyes
9. Waves, Waves, Waves – M83
10. Happiness – Riceboy Sleeps
11. VCR – The xx
12. Blonde on Blonde – Nada Surf
13. Ghost Train – Summer Camp
14. Elle – Sebastien Tellier
15. Good, Good People – Whitney Ballen
16. Punkrock – Mogwai


death cab for cutie – narrow stairs

i have been listening to this album today and like many other albums i have i forget how good this album really is . you should give this a play if you dont already own it .

Throughout their career, and especially since they were forever enshrined as the favorite band of sardonic emo kid Seth Cohen on television’s THE OC, Death Cab For Cutie have always been known as indie rock’s most famous sensitive guys. Even at their most abrasive on previous albums like PLANS and WE HAVE THE FACTS AND WE’RE VOTING YES, Ben Gibbard and crew have always had an inherent gentleness along with the low-key pop sensibility that allowed them to make the jump from the indie fringe to major-label stardom. The ambitious, experimental NARROW STAIRS is Death Cab For Cutie’s unexpectedly edgy response to any preconceptions, a wide-ranging, noisy and exciting album that sounds little like anything they’ve done before. From the epic-length first single. “I Will Possess Your Heart.” through the spacy, almost psychedelic “Pity and Fear” and the noise-riddled “Your New Twin Sized Bed,” NARROW STAIRS is Death Cab For Cutie’s equivalent to Radiohead’s KID A, a bracingly ambitious attempt to counter expectations as their stardom ascends.
After spending the better part of a decade in the musical minor leagues, Death Cab for Cutie went pro with 2005’s Plans, a record whose optimism and Technicolor sound gave the band enough leverage to finally enter the mainstream. “Soul Meets Body” became their biggest rock single to date, but it was Ben Gibbard’s delicate love song, “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” that earned the quartet a Grammy nomination and legions of new fans. Some bands might have taken a cue from such success and resigned themselves to a career of acoustic ballads, not unlike the Goo Goo Dolls’ transformation in the mid-’90s. But Narrow Stairs roughs up Plans’ bright palette with something starker, more harrowing, and altogether darkened by Gibbard’s blues. No longer crooning about immortal love or his desire to embrace all of Manhattan, the frontman lives inside his own troubled head on these 11 tracks — or at least the heads of the characters he conjures up with ease, like some music-minded novelist with a knack for pop melodies and witty observations. There’s “Cath,” an ill-married girl who “holds a smile like someone would hold a crying child,” as well as the creepy stalker in “I Will Possess Your Heart,” who simply demands that his intended lover give him the time of day. Elsewhere, Gibbard examines a friend’s recent heartbreak by referencing her bedroom furniture (“Your New Twin Sized Bed”), offering up his concern — if not quite his help — while the band conjures up a lazy summer’s day with gauzy keyboards and brightly chiming riffs. Such contrast between music and text plays an occasional role on Narrow Stairs, with songs like “No Sunlight” and “Long Division” pairing somber lyrics with upbeat orchestration. But the album largely paints itself as the darker, mysterious cousin to Plans — raw rather than polished, heartbroken rather than optimistic, enigmatic rather than energetic. Gibbard strings his words together with an army of free-flowing “ands” and “buts”, and the resulting lyrics — long, uncoiling sentences with no clear end — mirror his characters’ desperate attitudes. Narrow Stairs is far from desperate, however, and the album’s willingness to steer Death Cab into unfamiliar territory (or, to reference an earlier lyric, “into the dark”), is by far its strongest asset. ~ Andrew LeaheyRolling Stone (p.66) – 4 stars out of 5 — “[T]he album is as dark as anything the band has done….[T]he most indelible moment is ‘Grapevine Fires,’ a minor-key processional framed by churchy organ and electric piano.



live next month

deer tick will be playing live at the musician pub in leicester uk on december 2nd £7 advance .

todd snider – train song

United Steel Workers of Montreal – Three On the Tree (2009)

“Urban hillbillies, the United Steel Workers of Montreal are a bar band. Their latest release, Three on the Tree, would best be heard with a flask of whiskey and a group of sweaty strangers in some seedy watering hole. Three Hard Knocks sets the wild tone of the album. It’s fast finger-pluckin’ guitar, banjo and mandolin and Gern’s gruff vocals. For Love and Your Mother’s Sake is on the same train, though Felicity Hamer takes over on vocals. Shawn Beauchamp takes it down a notch on Son, Your Daddy Was Bad. United Steel Workers of Montreal divide their vocals throughout the album, which befits the plethora of musical styles the band explores. Imagine bluegrass, Irish and country with a mixture of folk elements. The Line should be a favourite among duet lovers. But it’s The Ballad of Mary Gallagher that highlights the band’s exceptional craftsmanship and creative integrity.”



ashamed of the story i told (mixtape)

desperate times

ok i should of really posted this in october but things went mad my side . ashamed of the story i told is a lovely little mixtape with a bitter twist . there are some classic tunes on there that i think most of you guys will have or should have if your a serious music lover . songs like hand in glove by the smiths and wilco via chicago . anyway download it and let me know what you think . are these mixtapes worth while doing ? readers are downloading them but are you liking them ? .
01. johnny cash – the mercy seat
02. the decemberists – leslie anne levine
03. deer tick – friday xiii
04. okkervil river – black
05. the national – ashamed of the story i told
06. belle & sebastian – expectations
07. the magnetic fields – i wish i had an evil twin
08. the mountain goats – ethiopians
09. the avett brothers – colorshow
10. pedro the lion – discretion
11. bonnie ‘prince’ billy – i’ve seen it all
12. the smiths – hand in glove
13. the handsome family – after we shot the grizzly
14. wilco – via chicago

red jacket mine & friends


come and get your love was kindly donated by lincoln barr of the highly recommended RED JACKET MINE and his fellow friends . this compilation is awesome with bands appearing kindly like down pilot who’s last two albums just blew me away . and the clever visqueen who certainly can blast out a quality song . i cant really say enough about this other than try it you will love it .


1. Hand Me Down – Visqueen

Led by the fabulous Ms. Rachel Flotard (whose lovely pipes you might’ve heard backing Ms. Neko Case), Seattle rockers Visqueen have released one of 2009’s finest records in Message to Garcia. This track opens the album, and Ms. Case returns the favor on backing vocals. Thunderous, thrilling pop music.

2. Racing Stripe Winter – Red Heart the Ticker

When I first heard this song on KEXP in the fall of 2006, I thought to myself, “I need to know these people.” Three years later, it’s still one of my favorites. Ty Gibbons and Robin MacArthur  are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet, and absolutely enchanting in a live setting. They’ve since released another fine album, 2009’s Oh My! Mountains Below.

3. Turnaround This Car – The Devil Whale

The mayors of Salt Lake City, Utah, and some of our best friends in music. Brinton Jones has the kind of voice that you can’t help feeling is singing directly to you, and I can’t think of a higher compliment. We love these guys, and you should, too.

4. Too Early – Cobirds Unite

Rusty Willougby (née Llama, Flop, Pure Joy) is one of my favorite songwriters in a city full of great ones, and his talents commingle with those of the aforementioned Ms. Flotard (Visqueen) and Mr. Barrett Martin (of Screaming Trees/Tuatara renown) to form Cobirds Unite. Rumor has it that an entire album’s worth of these supple, lovely recordings exists…in the meantime, check out rustywilloughby.com to indulge.

5. Chelsea Turnaround – Downpilot

Paul Hiraga and the rest of Downpilot have been dear friends for ages, and we recently shared a record release party (for our new one, Lovers Lookout, and theirs, They Kind of Shine). Out now on Germany’s Tapete Records.

6. Let You Down – Burning Rivers

My friends Ben London and Joshua Medaris lead Burning Rivers, a band in which I’m honored to fill the ‘Steve Gaines’ (read: third guitar) role as time permits. They’ve been in other, better-known, bands, of course, but all you really need to know is that Burning Rivers is American rock and roll of the highest order. This track is from their forthcoming debut LP, The Hardest Part of Letting Go.

7. This World (Already Over) – Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers

Nathan Wade is a man of extraordinary cojones, bucking against indie-rock fashion to pursue a singular vision he bleakly describes as ‘post-apocalypse Americana.’ This track, while brilliant, is hardly indicative of the freewheeling breadth of the Dark Pioneers’ forthcoming debut full-length, The Gospel of Rust. It does, however, feature Patrick Porter (of RJM) on pedal steel, and yours truly on Morricone lead guitar. You’ll have to discover the rest for yourself.

8. Milo – Amateur Radio Operator

Some of RJM’s earliest Seattle shows were shared with Mark Johnson and his band, Amateur Radio Operator. This song (from their debut album, Sirens of Titan) has always been one of my favorites of theirs. Epic, atmospheric Americana.

9. Silver Spoon – Ben Brackett

Wunderkind Ben Brackett released an absolutely stellar debut record in 2007’s Hear Ye Hear Ye, and I hear he’s working on a new one, sure to humble songwriters twice his age (again). Rest assured I’ll be listening.

10. Out of Town – Explone

Full disclosure: Explone is led by my good friend Patrick Porter, who also plays guitar and pedal steel in RJM. Fans of the brilliant melodicism present in his RJM contributions will find much to love here. This lovely road song is featured on his debut album, Crooks.

11. Thirty Reasons – Octoberman

Octoberman is a cross-Canadian indie/folk troupe led by my longtime pal Marc Morrisette: road warrior, gentleman, and scholar. This lovely ditty is from their most recent album, Fortresses, out now on White Whale Records.

12 . showponies – red jacket mine

lincoln and the boys of red jacket mine sure know how to write a song showponies is an awesome piece of writing . lovers look out while be looked at in years to come as a classic