Top 10 Songs to Listen to on a Monday:

1. Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance- G’morning
I love the work he has done with the Faces/Small Faces, but his solo
stuff is some of his greatest work. This song has a great melody. In a
perfect world, I would feel like this song in the morning. It’s a
really fun song to play, too.

2. Son Volt – Windfall
One of my favorite Son Volt songs. The first time I heard this, I was
at my friend Steve Hansens house. It was about 5:00 in the morning,
after playing a house party in his backyard in San Diego. You can
imagine how good it sounded at that point. Sleepy country, my

3. Marty Stuart- Homesick
Nothing gets me going in the morning like some nice bluegrass vocals,
and this is about as good as you can get. It’s a live performance, and
Marty is about one of the finest showman there is.

4. Mike Stinson- When My Angel Gets High
Mike Stinson is one my favorite local songwriters. His vocals are
almost eerie at times, almost like a controlled Roky Erikson. I really
dig the stuff he does with a full band, but I think it’s nice to hear
a stripped down version of his songs, as well. I hear he moved to
Houston. I really hope he moves back.

5. Ramblin’ Jack Elliot (w/ Emmylou Harris and Nancy Griffith)- Rex’s Blues
You take one of Townes’ greatest songs, mix it with these characters,
and your bound to hear something amazing. Such a great combination of
voices. I met Ramblin’ Jack when he was walking around UCLA after a
show he played there. He was opening random doors and when the usher
asked him what he was doing he said “I’m looking for Merle.”…Got to
love it.

6. Roky Erickson- Please Judge
I can’t mention Roky Erickson without adding one of his songs (see
song 4). I love the simplicity of his songs, yet they always seem so
powerful. Also, I have to go to court on Tuesday, the day after the
Echo show, and I’m hoping the judge is lenient. We have had a lot of
issues with the law lately. We had one chasin’ Brad up the studio
stairs–with gun drawn–just the other day. Needless to say, he caught
him. The good thing is that I got to watch the whole thing go down.
Cops = 6, Paperplanes = 0.

7. Waylon Jennings- All Around Cowboy (Bonus Track off Dreaming my Dreams)
“He remembers the thrill about being a winner…” When you are in your
car doing karaoke, that is about the best line in a song to sing. I
love the way Waylon produced his records, there is such a loneliness
in his vocals and the production. Waylons vocals are about one of the
best thing an ear can hear.

8. Flatlanders- One Day at a Time
I just got this record, and this song struck me immediately. Joe Ely
sounds great on his parts and Jimmy Dale Gilmore exploits the
uniqueness of his voice to really push this song in a beautiful way.
When they hit the second line in the chorus, it creates that tone
that, makes you say, “oh, man, that’s nice…” This is a great song to
hear when you are wasted, as well.

9. Terry Allen- The Beautiful Waitress
Now I can’t talk about Lubbock songwriters without mentioning Terry Allen.
‘Lubbock (on Everything)’ and ‘Juarez’ are 2 records that really
changed the way I think about songwriting. Basically, after hearing
these records, I realized that I was a horrible songwriter. Its hard
to put just one of his songs on, so I put this song on and hope you
buy the album to hear the entire record. Although the corny-ness of
these lyrics might throw you off at first, if you think about it,
there’s nothing corny about it at all. Everything is a story for him,
and I think the spoken word bit is classic Terry Allen. He’s weird,
and his music is beautiful. Richard Bowden plays an amazing fiddle,
as well.

10. Whiskey Biscuit- TV Remote Control
Whiskey Biscuit is one of my favorite LA bands. I’ve been a long time
fan of Jeff Cairns’ guitar playing, and this is one of my favorite
songs. Lazy country-rock with weird noises, that is the best music.



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