alberta cross


Now is probably the first time in something like 35 years that a posse of hairy menfolk could get away virtually scot-free with big, twangy rock songs in which the only possible name for the object of one’s affections is a terse “woman”. Indeed, the very first line of the very first track on Broken Side of Time – the debut album from these New York-residing Londoners – runs thusly: “Woman, I pushed you more than I should”. It’s called Song Three Blues, and pretty much sets the tone for an album in which the worst aspects of 70s rock (near mind-boggling levels of musical and social conservatism) does constant battle with the most laudable (riffola-clad tunes so epic and yearning they make the average choir of angels sound like a washing machine breaking down).

So you’ve got to hand it to Alberta Cross: they’ve got good timing.

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