suprise album

had some friends around last night and as you can imagine the beer was flowing fast infact it was very fast and not to forget the great red wine to . anyway we were having a blues night and trying to come up with a real classic blues album . so as you can imagine we were all digging through my vast and fucked up record collection . and pulling out the usual suspects john lee hooker , muddy waters and robert johnson . anyway as the night was rolling on and the amount of blues we actuallytook in was staggering ( pardon the pun) ctually agree on anything . by this time the beer was taking its toll and things started taking a different turn when i put on led zep when the levea breaks it changed our outlook on what was blues and what wasnt . but who gives a fuck if its good its good .100_0406

anyway back to this suprise album after the shock turn to led zep it opened the flood gates for other albums some were not blues at all but could get were they came from . and then all of suden it came from the blue or the depth of a drunken head an album that blew us all away .

its not led zep or the usual suspects just download it and try and let me know what you think

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  1. Scruggs
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 20:49:44

    Love this album. Going to see them on Thursday night in Salt Lake City.

    May be one of the last shows, as I hear they are not getting along/making much music together.


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