robert pollard – elephant jokes 2009


this guy has had a huge impact in my musical journey through the years from guided by voices to his solo work he is a true master of his work and people should really own more of his work and GBV .

green on red – gravity talks

green on red gravity talks

green on red wow here is my album for the weekend if you like your music with fuzzy guitars and with a bar room brawl sound then this album is for you . this is surely gonna be blasting from my stereo today so beware neighbours .

mazes – mazes 2009


debut album from mazes and i only stumbled across this by accident while trawling thru myspace . its a nice little album in the folk indie pop genre . i guess it would be nice if you have friends around and you want something easy on the ears that wont impose to much attention . my girlfriend really likes and and a bunch of her friends say its good . so if you wanna give your chic something its a safe bet .

if your still not sure about it then check out there myspace

best song on the album for me is i have laid in the darkness of doubt

devendra banhart – nino rojo

nino rojo

With NINO ROJO, San Francisco Bay Area neo-folkster Devendra Banhart brings forth a companion to his acclaimed REJOICING IN THE HANDS, released earlier in 2004. Sitting barefoot by the metaphorical campfire next to Beck, Tiny Tim, Karen Dalton, …    Full Descriptionand Vincent Gallo, Banhart plays acoustic guitar and sings in a manner that’s quirky, catchy, and a bit spooky. Here the tunes range from loopy ditties (“We All Know”), warbled mantras (“Ay Mama”), and half-crooned/half-whispered sing-alongs (“A Ribbon”) to works that include a little help from his likeminded friends, including Vetiver’s Andy Cabic (“At the Hop”).

“Little Yellow Spider” comes off like a perverse Raffi record, as interpreted by Mississippi Fred McDowell. Later, Banhart channels the vocals of both Blind Willie McTell and Marc Bolan for “Noah,” which includes whistling and a mournful piano. The enhanced CD presents a great, “psychedelicized” video of Devendra and friends jamming on “At the Hop,” which will surely cause pleasant flashbacks for anyone who’s ever spent a weekend in a woodsy cabin full of hippies.

ok so a little different from what i have been posting but today has been a little weird for me so i got pretty drugged up and thought i would put this on my ipod . and it all made sense in the end to me . dont ask me to explain this album or even figure it out but it works when your tripping in the sun . do try it you may like it and i dont mean the drugs thing thats just my choice .

bonnie prince billy – sings greatest palace music




Those who like the earlier versions of these songs may take issue with the cleaned-up updates and how the steady vocals of Bonnie “Prince” Billy-era Oldham supplant his Palace-era yelp. But there is something undeniably intriguing about hearing … “Ohio River Boat Song” with a female backing chorus and weeping, countrified electric guitar, or rich strings and saxophone supplementing “Viva Ultra.” The songs themselves, of course, are strong as ever, and many Palace music devotees will enjoy hearing them recast. The top-notch production and country arrangements should win some new converts to Oldham’s back catalogue as well.

my girlfriend says to me everytime i put this album on “what the fuck is wrong with you ” cause everytime i put it on i drift into my own little fucked up world were nothing can touch me or even get close to me . this album is always guarenteed to take me to this next level i just sit chill out eyes closed and batter into the wine . go on try it you will love it

song of the day

wonderful song here by scout niblett and bonnie prince billy this song is taken from the album “this fool should die now”

the pack A.D – tintype 2009


A no-holds barred garage-rock-blues cage match played out between two dynamic young women from East Van. — the East side of Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

The debut CD, Tintype, got lips smacking about the group grinding out the sort of noise that made boys cry and girls hot and, well, sold freakin’ beers. The follow-up, Funeral Mixtape, got the group reviews in every major music press that there is. Aside from a few critics who long ago decided that there could only be one loud, awesome killer duo allowed to make it at one time, the rest admitted the new disc kicks ass. And it does it with blues, punk, grind, thrash and that deep swagger baby.

“We are not a blues band, even though people keep putting us there,” says Maya. “We both love the blues, but we are a garage rock blues group.”

“We don’t play “Wang Dang Doodle.”

just one of the bands that are featuring low down at the end of the road festival . i will be posting other bands that will be on the bill from that festival .

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