a new venture

hi readers and friends

my girlfriend has been making hand crafted products now for several years . and its now about time she ventured out into the big wide world of the internet with her products . her products are exclusively hand made and they are all a one off item she will be launching her webpage very soon and it will be kicked off with hand crafted cards for all celebration . i really hope she does well in this new venture cause we think are cards and other items are top quality . so when its launched drop by and have a look and buy some stuff you will not be let down .

the felice brothers – live @ the lumonarie london england 2007

the felice brothers

for those of you that aint managed to catch these guys live yet here is a great live set from the brothers . honset you really need to go and see them there live shows are bursting with energy and passion for there music . this band is gonna be big .