fleet foxes – fleet foxes 2008

fleet foxes

something for the weekend

this weekend for me has all been about the fleet foxes and it has got me through this weekend some nice wine and a little weed this will be looked at on years to come as a master piece and classic album if you dont have this already were the hell you been .

With their self-titled full-length Sub Pop debut, Fleet Foxes unveil an impressively confident and engaging set of indie-folk tunes. While singer/guitarist Robin Pecknold’s warm, resonant voice clearly brings to mind My Morning Jacket’s Jim …   James, his tight vocal harmonies with other members of the Seattle-based band evoke vintage Beach Boys more than anything else (see the airy “He Doesn’t Know Why”). And though the group’s gentle instrumentation and pastoral aesthetic affectionately acknowledge 1960s/’70s British folk, they steer clear of self-consciously quirky “freak folk” meanderings, and opt instead for immaculately crafted chamber-pop, best evinced by the swooning “White Winter Hymnal.” One of the finest indie releases of 2008, FLEET FOXES casts an undeniably enchanting spell.


sugar – copper blue 1992

Sugar - Copper Blue CD Cover Art

album of the day

i just love this album and every so often it creeps its way back on the cd player . this is probably bob moulds best work since husker du . i cant recommend this album enough


Having disbanded the hugely influential Husker Du, guitarist/vocalist Bob Mould embarked on a solo career during which he completed two contrasting albums. He then founded this power-packed trio, which resurrected the tone of his earlier group. …  COPPER BLUE sees Mould still firmly in control of his art, his barking voice enveloped by loud, crushing guitar and a succession of exhilarating hooklines. The album possesses awesome power and drive, but beyond the speed and distortion lies an understanding of the mechanics of classic pop songs, short, sharp and highly memorable. Mould is a crafted composer; “Changes” is an awesome piece of hard pop.


peter bruntnell – normal for bridgewater

peter bruntnell


sorry about the album cover quality . last year i came across this fantastic gem of an album by peter bruntnell and over the past couple of days i just cant seem to stop playing it


This is the third release by British singer-songwriter Peter Bruntnell. The album’s title makes reference to the English town of Bridgwater, in Somerset, also known as the cider-drinking capitol of the country. A local doctor reportedly would …    Full Descriptionlist his patients as “normal for Bridgwater” in their medical histories. The core quartet is a rough-and-tumble outfit that perfectly fits Bruntnell’s songs. They’re joined by a range of guests, adding dobro, pedal steel, fiddle and a few other flourishes.

The music is brethren to the alt-country music scene, sharing a reverence for such key forebears as Gram Parsons. The songs are beautifully crafted, with the gorgeous and evocative “N.F.B.” being the title song of sorts. Bruntnell’s voice is gentle, yet can be forceful when needed. Background vocals add lushness when appropriate, and producer George Howard succeeded in creating a warm atmosphere throughout.

uncle tupelo – the demo trilogy



well it was just a matter of time before this all became availible , these guys are truely the stalwarts of alternative country disc 1 is a collection of half live and half studio recordings from 1988 with classic uncle tupelo songs like cocaine blues , no depression and screen door .

disc 2 is aonly 5 tracks but still awesome and disc 3 is the demo that broke it for uncle tupelo and got these guys signed .

disc 1 – Download – Uncle Tupelo – Live and Otherwise (Demo tape)

disc 2 – Download – Uncle Tupelo – Colorblind & Rhymeless (Demo Tape)

disc 3 – Download – Uncle Tupelo – Not Forever, Just For Now (Demo Tape)

patterson hood – murdering oscar 2009

patterson hood

not due for release till june 23rd 2009 .

pattersonn hood releases another solo album while taking some time out from the drive by truckers . i didnt know this was on the cards , and it was a suprise to me when i got emailed this . not had time yet to listen to this release so am not gonna say to much about it . his last solo release was really lo-fi and really just stripped right down to basics just him and a simple acoustic .


uncle tupelo – still feel gone 1992

uncle tupelotoday i went theu my vast record collection and came across this timeless classic i really should play this more often than i do . this is uncle tupelo at there best . and also with guest gutarist gary louris on this album . i really cant say to muxh about this it is awsome and rocks .

maybe in the future uncle tupelo will reform lets hope wilco and son volt take a break so they can come up with somthing


a new venture

hi readers and friends

my girlfriend has been making hand crafted products now for several years . and its now about time she ventured out into the big wide world of the internet with her products . her products are exclusively hand made and they are all a one off item she will be launching her webpage very soon and it will be kicked off with hand crafted cards for all celebration . i really hope she does well in this new venture cause we think are cards and other items are top quality . so when its launched drop by and have a look and buy some stuff you will not be let down .

the felice brothers – live @ the lumonarie london england 2007

the felice brothers

for those of you that aint managed to catch these guys live yet here is a great live set from the brothers . honset you really need to go and see them there live shows are bursting with energy and passion for there music . this band is gonna be big .


deer tick – born on flag day 2009

deer tick

new album from deer tick and with a new line up also i have been waiting for this since the release of war elephant and its so much better than there first release . i do recomend this album its awsome , if you like your alternative country lose and raw this this band could be for you .


check out track – smith hill and also hell on earth . both great songs

eels – prizefighter

first track of the eels new album and its a killer tune to open with . the eels are back thank god !!!!!

jason lytle – yours truly , the computer 2009



totally loving this album at the moment glad to see him back .

The debut solo album by former Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle dials back a bit on the spacy psychedelic side of his late, lamented band. A move to rural Montana seems to have triggered a more placid, acoustic, and weathered sound in Lytle’s quirky, elegant songwriting. Highlights include the title track, “Rollin’ Home Alone,” and “Ghost of My Old Dog.”


soledad brothers – live @ maida vale studio’s 2002



not a great image guys but all i could come up with . and sorry it took me so long to upload this . anyway another great live set from soledad brothers , great tunes for rocking out with along with a load of beers .

Part. 1 – http://www.mediafire.com/?jjyixwkmyrq

Part. 2 – http://www.mediafire.com/?fzz2imdy25n