the Eels – shootenanny 2003

were do i start with this album ? originally released in 2003 and is still up in my top 10 albums of all time . it’s a rocking album from the very start with open track ” all in a day’s work”  it has this blusey rift to it and just sets the album off .

some people say E is odd and fucked up but you gotta put it in perspective the dude is is he fucked up or just a total genius at times the can be deep and dark and some of his albums feature about the death of his mother to the dreaded cancer that has touched so many families but i guess its his way of dealing with things and learning to move forward .

shootenanny is a fun album and this is what makes the Eels when listening to “dirty girl” you relize that they do come up with great quirky tunes . if you dont own this album i strongly recommend you get your hands on it and see for yourself

son volt – American central dust 2009


Son Volt returns with ‘American Central Dust,’ out July 7 on Rounder Records, a plaintive 12-song collection that recalls the melodic succinctness of the band’s debut album ‘Trace.’ After the musical experimentation of 2007’s ‘The Search, ’ ‘American Central Dust,’ the band’s first album on Rounder, refines the band’s robust sound. Fiddle, pedal steel, lap steel and sparkling piano add an atmospheric nuance to Son Volt’s Americana inspired rock, surrounding band leader Jay Farrar’s stream of consciousness lyrical imagery.
Album highlights include; the rootsy shuffle of album opener “Dynamite,” on which Farrar declares “this love is like celebrating the 4th of July with dynamite,” the tremolo soaked rocker “Down To The Wire,’ the gorgeous, piano led “Cocaine And Ashes,” an empathetic tribute to Keith Richards, references a man who’s “the same as everyone, just kind of lucky,” and ‘Sweetheart of the Rodeo’-esque rocker “No Turning Back.”
When asked about signing to the new label, Farrar said “Rounder has shown a long term commitment to music forms, like folk and blues, that I have a lot of respect for. Going with Rounder has been a kind of a full circle continuum — the first Rounder person I met with was instrumental in booking Uncle Tupelo gigs years ago”
‘American Central Dust’ features Jay Farrar (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Dave Bryson (drums), Andrew Duplantis (bass guitar, backing vocals), Chris Masterson (lead guitar), Mark Spencer (keyboards, steel guitar). Son Volt’s national tour begins in July.